RASA Reiki and Seichem Healing

Reiki and Seichem Healing

A Powerful System of Hands-on Healing

RASA Reiki and Seichem is used by many people all over the world. It is a fantastic way to be able to help yourself and others, to keep strong and well and to enhance and deeply support all other efforts to develop and unfold your highest potential in this lifetime.

Reiki (pronounced ray key) is a Japanese word. Rei means "spiritually guided" and Ki means "the Life-force Energy". Reiki is also the name of the elemental healing ray of earth. The system was rediscovered in ancient sanscrit texts by the Japanese scholar Dr Mikao Usui around 1922. Reiki was introduced to America in the 1940's by Mrs Hawayo Takata, a Japanese American born in Hawaii, and it has now spread throughout the Western world from America to Europe and beyond.

Seichem (pronounced say keem) was given to Patrick Ziegler in the pyramids in 1980 and is reputedly one of the healing arts practised in Ancient Egypt. Seichem works with the four elemental healing rays of earth, water, fire and air/angelic light. Seichem includes Reiki. The other three elemental healing rays are: Sophi-El (water), Angelic Light (air and spirit) and Sakara (fire). Each healing ray is experienced differently and works in its own special way on specific aspects of our human make up, so enabling deep healing to address every aspect of our being to a much finer level. These rays work individually or together depending on the needs of the recipient.

RASA Reiki and Seichem is a natural system of healing and a powerful tool for self development. It is safe to use after surgery and also for babies, pregnant women and the elderly.

RASA Reiki and Seichem is a holistic system and can help us to move through blockages that prevent our lives from flowing smoothly. The energies enhance our natural ability to heal ourselves at all levels.


Blu is very happy to travel and treat you in the comfort of your own home

A treatment usually lasts about an hour. You remain fully clothed and can receive energies while lying or sitting down. The healer will gently place his or her hands in various positions on, or just above your body. You may feel a pleasant sensation of warmth, coolness or tingling.

A healing treatment is usually very relaxing and can be an opportunity for emotional release, a chance to talk, or you may simply fall asleep. It takes a few days for the energies to be assimilated. During this time you may feel revitalised or temporarily a little worse, a good sign that you are releasing the cause of your symptoms. Everyone's reaction is different and no two healing treatments are the same.

Benefits of a Healing Treatment

Reiki and Seichem can be used to help:

  • ease tension and promote relaxation
  • boost the immune system
  • help with bereavement
  • improve the quality of sleep
  • treat animals and plants
  • soothe pain and improve joint mobility
  • reduce the effect of trauma
  • support end of life care
  • support other complimentary therapies and medical treatments


In order to channel these healing energies you must be attuned to them by a Reiki and Seichem Master. Being attuned to the elemental healing rays accelerates your personal and spiritual development.

RASA (Reiki and Seichem Association) is a system of standardised attunements taught by RASA Masters who can show their lineage back to Mikao Usui thus ensuring the quality of energy transfer.

In order to assimilate the energies, the attunements (initiations) are taken in three stages, called Degrees or Levels.

At Level One, at the First Degree, you will be individually attuned to the healing energies and taught how to work on yourself and others. You will also receive an attunement to Violet Flame of St.Germain. He offers this gift to further help humanity in our quest to heal and evolve at this significant time in our history.

At Level Two, the Second Degree, the attunement will enable you to channel stronger energy more quickly. You are introduced to the use of symbols and taught how to send healing through space and time. You will also receive an attunement/initiation into The Order of Melchizidek. This connects the initiate to the Masters guiding the unfolding of the Divine Plan for our planet and helps the healing energies to flow smoothly and to be well grounded. It gives a foundation for all of the healing work a healer does.

At Level Three, the Third Degree, is the Master level and is a very powerful initiation. Many people experience greater spiritual and psychic awareness as a result. Included at this level is also an initiation into Egyptian YOD, connecting the Rainbow Bridge to your Higher Self, helping you to develop your intuition.

RASA - the Reiki and Seichem Association - represents professional healing practitioners and Master Teacher members throughout the UK and in countries around the world. All members can trace their lineage back to Usui. RASA Masters conduct attunements only on a face-to-face basis.

TREATMENTS / investment
 £40 first visit ( approximately 1 -1 and a half hours )
 £35 thereafter for approximately 1 hour treatment

ATTUNEMENTS / details / investment
First Degree - together with Initiation into The Violet /Gold Flame of St.Germain, bringing extra support for our personal emotional healing -   £125
First degree is the start of your journey, for working on yourself and for giving to family and friends only.

Second Degree - together with Initiation into The Order of Melchizidek, supporting the deepest grounding and integration of the healing energies as well as alignment with those on the higher realms in helping unfold the Highest Good for each and all on our Earth at this time of massive spiritual evolution -   £250 Second degree also enables you to work with Reiki and Seichem professionally.

Third Degree/ Teacher Level - together with Initiation into the Egyption Yod, helping psychic/intuitive development -  £500
At this level the potential for your spiritual development is greatly enhanced. The full teaching is also given to enable you to attune others into Rasa Reiki and Seichem.

Third Degree - together with Yod but without the teaching of procedures for attunement of others -  £300 - A wonderful opportunity for further enhancement of your personal and spiritual development

Attunement-Training days are usually held near Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

It is also possible to travel to you /and your group to facilitate Attunements in the comfort of your own premises.

Please contact Blu to discuss /arrange dates and possibilities.

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